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Plastic and logistics seems to be a match made in heaven. The light and solid material is especially suitable for durable packaging. Engels has been supplying these for years. If you want to package your products safely and effectively for distribution, look no further. We have an exceptionally large selection, and gladly customize them for you.

Logistics: bins and pallets

The right material is key to effective logistics. This is why there are several versions of every product at Engels. We supply plastic bins for transport with straight, sloping and foldable walls, handles, trolley's and much more. U choose the packaging using the product: large, small, heavy, fragile, etc. The same goes for pallets and pallet boxes. We have a solution for every size and weight, or create a customized solution.

Creative and customer oriented

Wether you emphasis in logistics is on durability, effective use of space or anything else, Engels has the product for you. Even if this isn't the case we will gladly realise a custom made product for you. Wether it's about warehouse bins, pallets, transport bins or pallet boxes. The solution is always client and environmentally friendly and durable!

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  1. Warehouse bin 400x300x270 mm, grey
    VTK 400 270-4.7_1 STK
    €18.76 €15.50
    36 In stock
  2. Warehousebin 600x400x320 mm 60Ltr
    VTK 600 320-4.7_1 STK
    €34.36 €28.40
    15 In stock
  3. Divider 358x198x3 mm for 3-201-0 R
    VV-3652003-9_1 STK
    €4.24 €3.50
    45 In stock
  4. Transparent front cover, Type VTK600/270
    VTK/SK 600/270_1 STK
    €4.36 €3.60
    20 In stock
  5. Warehouse bin, 85/65x95x45 mm open front, grey
    NG1-700_1 STK
    €0.61 €0.50
    86 In stock
  6. Warehouse bin, 160/140x95x75 mm open front, blue
    NG2-500_1 STK
    €1.09 €0.90
    519 In stock
  7. Warehouse bin, 230/220x140x130mm open front, blue
    NG3-500_1 STK
    €2.90 €2.40
    443 In stock
  8. Warehouse bin, 350/300x200x150mm open front, yellow
    NG4-100_1 STK
    €6.05 €5.00
    27 In stock
  9. Warehouse bin, 500/450x300x180mm open front, green
    NG5-600_1 STK
    €11.74 €9.70
    7 In stock
  10. Warehouse bin, 500/450x300x180mm open front, yellow
    NG5-100_1 STK
    €11.74 €9.70
    37 In stock
  11. No description yet

    Starting at €10.77 €8.90

    910 In stock
  12. No description yet
    99-60507_1 STK
    €22.26 €18.40
    7 In stock
  13. No description yet
    99-60307_1 STK
    €38.60 €31.90
    638 In stock
  14. Flex-bin divider
    3164001_1 STK
    €1.33 €1.10
    288 In stock
  15. Wall rack 600x2000
    3262000_1 STK
    €68.00 €56.20
    64 In stock
  16. Trolley for shelf with tilting bins
    99-64142_1 STK
    €175.45 €145.00
    12 In stock
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Items 17-32 of 1945

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