Engels was able to win the tender for the packaging material for the withdrawal of the Dutch armed forces from Uruzgan.

It started with the termination of the military mission in Uruzgan. Thousands of containers with weapons, ammunition and vehicles had to be returned to the Netherlands by plane or ship. Engels won the tender to deliver the packaging material for this operation and also for the packaging for the missions to Mali and Afghanistan.

In these foreign missions a large part of the transport of the goods takes place through the air. Especially with the Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. It is of great importance that the weight of the load remains as low as possible and takes up as little space as possible. Engels developed a reusable packaging of 1200 x 1000 mm (ISO size) especially for defense. The very strong "twin-sheet" walls of the shipping units have 3 heights namely 330 mm, 595 mm and 845 mm. Together with the lightweight pallet and the lightweight lid, it ensures a very strong extremely light package.

In return transport or storage, the pallets and the lids of the packaging, nest together and the collapsible walls can be folded flat. As a result, less than 25% of storage is required with respect to the filled shipping units. This makes the packaging very space-saving, very light, are multiple-usable and yet very strong and ergonomic.

When we look at the 1200 x 1000 x 935 mm unit, this packaging has a total weight of 28 kg and can tolerate a load of 500 kg and is 3 high stackable (a weight of 1000 kg can be set on the shipping unit!). The packaging we provided, had various prints, and an ergonomically slidable locking system in 4 places in the lid. To make the packaging even more ergonomic, there is an foldable opening, which can be fastened with Velcro in the an open and a closed position.

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